Arnaud Laffond is a video artist, plastic digitalis workbench based in Lyon. His work is characterized by the creation of virtual environments and materials generated by computer.

The color, as the material brute, is numerically sculptured, treated and altered to be reborn in vibrating and bright architecture. His works are situated on the verge of science fiction, halfway between abstraction and the representationalism , utopia and dystopia, architecture and landscape. He works with diverse aspects of video, such as installation, animated gif and impression


His work has been internationally presented in various contexts such as Mirage Festival (Lyon FR)
Denver Digerati (Denver USA) Athens Digital Art Festival (Athens GR)
His video as been presented in galleries , space Igrec (Paris)and digital residence on Postmatter.
Nominated for the Prixars 2015 (Austria) in the video category it is represented by the gallery New york Depict
Nominated for Motion + 2016 (Aix en Provence FR)


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