-/-/-/ DANSE /-/-/-/

Visual creation for the dance piece « 3 » by Malika Djardi
Music : Eluvium


3, brings together a small feminist and post-humanist community and ventures on the side of science fiction. In this project, Malika Djardi continues a game on the confrontations of points of view and references. With fantasy and irreverence, she aims to compose a dance of the future. In the play, based on a scenario that remains to be invented, the dancers advance masked, carriers of identities, signs, gestures, rites to decipher or recompose. This new choreographic odyssey ends with a scientific conference, an invitation to reflect on the future of the world.

Design and choreography: Malika Djardi
Malika Djardi, Ana Pi, Maud Pizon and a speaker
Assistant screenplay and dramaturgy: Julien Lacroix
Sculptures and objects: Nodd
Video Animation: Arnaud Laffond, Julien Humbert
Mapping and Vjing: François Jaime Preisser
Music Creation: Ulysse Klotz
Sound technician: Xavier Meeus
Lighting creation: Thomas Laigle (thank you Yves Godin)
Costumes: Jean-Paul Lespagnard