Besides the screen

Proud to announce that my OBSTACLE video will be presented today at the

Besides the Screen / Telas à Parte


For reasons of covid this one will only hold in streaming
All the info is below:
THU 27 AUG :: shorts session RESTLESS MATTER, with the works Primitive Geometry (Alper Durmaz, Turkey, 2018), Skinned (Francesca Fini, 2018), Pesste (Federico Lamas, Argentina, 2019), Violent Equation (Vassilis Konstandopoulos, Greece, 2019), The Gods of Tiny Things (Deborah Kelly, Australia, 2019), .MP4 (Kadavre Exquis, France, 2019), Angklung Life (Michael Vasquez, USA, 2020) Loor-Leigh Woods (Theo Scott,UK, 2019), Obstacle (Arnaud Laffond, France, 2016), The FlatNet (Mikhail Maksimov, Russia, 2020).
Looping from 12pm EST / 6pm CET at youtube.com/besidesthescreen
Besides the screen
Besides the screen