The work of MINERAE is to erase, to the greatest extent possible, the boundary between the physical form and the digital, the tangible and the invisible, which follows on from my research into digital materials. With the common theme of animism (the idea that everything in nature has a soul), , to understand the power with which they should be attributed. The first humans on the planet placed stones vertically and gave them a divine meaning. Minérae is a initiation journey in three stages.

Contemplation / Experimentation / Appropriation .


The introduction to Minérae begins with mapping on a stone created with the artist  Sabine Leclercq. This is a complex form which asks the spectator about where they come from. The mapping marries perfectsly the shapes, curves and cracks in the sculpture, which gives the impression that the stone is inhabited, that it has a soul.

This is the first step in erasing the boundary between the physical form (the sculpture) and the invisible (the mapping). In French, the ‘digital’ and the ‘numérique’.


The second stage consists of two augmented reality experiences. Each of these experiences is built on a background illustration with a physical scene comprising mineral-type sculptures.
Created with Sabine Leclercq the shape and material of the sculptures is designed to show the detailed form of stones. For the ilustrations, dolmen (megalithic tombs) and menhir (standing stones) were chosen to give a mystical image which transports these illustrations.

The augmented reality is revealed to the spectator using tablet computers, showing the power hidden in the stones. How they communicate between each other, and what can be revealed in our imagination. Technology increasingly erases the line between the tangible and the invisible.


The conclusion of the journey is an interactive installation made of crushed quartz, hidden in a pillar and of a screen projecting a digital moving image, which I created. The spectator will be invited to place their hand in the pillar to touch the mineral and immediately, the imprint of their hand will be reproduced on the screen, in a digital format. The user will have the impression of having touched, physically, digital material. The boundary has totally disappeared. Touching the quartz will give a new sensation to the spectator, disrupting their normal experiences of sight and touch.

The entire installation is accompanied by music composed Jean Emmanuel Rosnet, which allows for the spectator to adapt to these new experiences, thanks to atmospheric music and soft, hypnotising layers.

The augmented reality experiences were created in collaboration with Brûle studio. The third experience, this was created in collaboration with Hémisphère studio. A MIRAGE Festival production, with the support of the regional council Rhônes Alpes.

Captation: Elodie Matcha

Photos by Aurelien Aumond who made a series of photos on the animist part of the exhibition.
How to get to climb the hidden strength of the stones.
You can see the whole picture here